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Draft Regulations for WTO Notification


Serial Name Remarks
1 Food Safety (Chemical Contaminants and Toxins) Regulation 2023 View/Download
2 Food Safety (Pesticides and Other Chemical Residues) Regulation 2023 View/Download
3 Food Safety (Use of Food Additives) Regulation 2023 View/Download
4 Food Fortifications Regulations, 2023 View/Download
5 Food Safety (Health Food/Dietary Suppliments, Foods for Special Dietary use, Food for Special Medical Purpose, Prebiotic and Probiotic Food), Regulations, 2023 View/Download
6 Food Safety (Labeling of Packaged Food) Regulation 2023 View/Download
7 Food Safety (Determination and control of microbial contaminants) Regulation 2023 View/Download
8 Food Safety (Food Recall) Regulations, 2023 View/Download
9 Food Safety (Sample Collection Testing and Analysis) Regulations, 2023 View/Download
10 Food Safety (Residues of Veterinary and Fishery Drug) Regulations, 2024 View/Download
11 Food Safety (Advertisement and claims) Regulations, 2024 View/Download